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Payments are one of the most important revenue channels for banks. Being number one in payments in the future means being number one in mobile payments.

Auka have helped banks strengthen their consumer interfaces since 2010. We are experts in building digital products that help your bank keep the attention of your current clients while attracting customers from other banks.

We help banks:

  1. Understand the implication of digital transformation
  2. Articulate a digital strategy to achieve internal buy-in
  3. Create a go-to-market strategy 
  4. Launch our award winning, proven products tailored to the  needs and styling of the bank
This short video gives a quick glimpse into what Auka can offer banks who want to succeed with mobile payments: 

Auka was the first to launch a mobile wallet in Norway. Alipay and Venmo followed the exact same blueprint as us.  

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To dive a bit deeper into our products we are now offering a tailored demo video to see how our products can be tailored to a bank’s needs and profile. This video is free for banks. 

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